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Q: Is is illegal to park a vehicle facing wrong direction in State of Texas?
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Are lamborghinis illegal in Georgia?

No, a Lamborghini is not an illegal vehicle in the state of Georgia.

Is it illegal to reposses a vehicle outside the stste?

No it's not illegal to repossess a car outside the state. It is illegal to leave the state with the car that you have defaulted on the loan.

Is it illegal to leave trailer hitch in vehicle in ny state?


Is it legal for a car dealer to sell a vehicle that has illegal modifications in Wa state?

Well no if the modifications are illegal.

Is it illegal to drive a vehicle which the airbads were removed in the state of Georgia?

no, its just stupid

Is it illegal to hunt squirrels from car with a pellet gun?

Your question does not say what state or country you live in, but in almost every state in the USA it is illegal to fire any weapon or hunt from any vehicle while you are inside the vehicle.

Is it illegal to install a surveillance camera system on the dash of your vehicle?

The legality of installing a surveillance camera in the dash of your vehicle depends on the state you will be driving in. Some states it is illegal to have it installed even if you don't reside in that state and you can be penalized for just driving through the state with it.

It is illegal to follow an emergency vehicle at a distance of?

No generalized answer can be given. This can be different in every state.

Is it illegal to sell a car without a catalytic converter in the state of MD?

Yes, it is illegal to sell a vehicle, that came equipped with a catalitic converter, with the converter removed, in any state.

When one vehicle is towing another by means of chain what does the chain need to have diplayed on it?

In the state of Connecticut it is illegal to tow a vehicle in that manor.

Are under body lights illegal in the state of Arkansas?

Check with a Motor Vehicle Department in Wyoming.

What are the laws regarding selling a salvage title vehicle?

differs from state to state. call your local state tax commission and they will point you in the right direction.