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yes of course it is

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Q: Is juvenile crime a big problem?
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Is juvenile crime a big problem in Bahamas?

Rules for young people or minor in Bahamas

Is juvenile crime a big problem in Japan?

Well the answer that i looked up for you was that in the year of 2010 the crime rate was at its all time low until 2011 when the econmoy went down people started to steal stuff for stores to sell.

During what decades did police forces began to specifically address the problem of juvenile crime?


What was considered to be the main concern of the early juvenile court movement in America?

Prevention and control of juvenile crime and delinquency. Secondary- an attempt to form a buffer zone between Parental Guidance and the harsh realities of the criminal justice system. Hence there was a tendency to tone things down, Juvenile delinquency, not Juvenile crime, Youth House, not big house, and so on. In more recent times the educational departments in major cities sought to isolate the real problem students types- and estabolished so-called 700 class schools for problem students. These were, as one might guess, sexually segregated.

What is teen crime?

Any crime committed by a juvenile or "teen"

What crime are excluded from the juvenile system?


What crime are excluded from the juvenile system sometimes?


Top juvenile crime of the 1950s?

car theft

What is the most popular crime that juvenile do?

Smoking marijuana.

What is the significance of the study of oscar lewis in juvenile delinquency and crime prevention?

significance of study juvenile delinquency

Is murder a status offense for a juvenile?

No! A status offense is ONLY something that would not be a crime if the juvenile were an adult: running away, breaking curfew, skipping school. There may be others, but those are examples.Anything that is a crime if you are an adult is not a status offense for a juvenile.

What is the difference between unruly juvenile and delinquent juvenile?

A delinquent child can commit a crime that's illegal for someone over 18 (Ex: Murder) while an unruly juvenile commits a crime that's not illegal for someone over 18 (Ex: Smoking)