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sumo Wrestling is what they do i Japan sumo wrestling is what they do in japan

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Q: Name of a Japanese wrestling
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How is Japanese wrestling the same as Canadian wrestling?

It's not.

What are the release dates for Japanese Wrestling - 1901?

Japanese Wrestling - 1901 was released on: USA: April 1901

What are the release dates for A Japanese Wrestling Match - 1903?

A Japanese Wrestling Match - 1903 was released on: USA: April 1903

What is traditonial Japanese wrestling in which each opponent tries to push the other out of a circle?

Sumo wrestling

What is the name of the famous wrestling sport from Japan?

Sumo Wresting is the most famous sport in Japan.

Where can you download 'Puroresu' aka Japanese wrestling matches?

What is Tripe h's wrestling name?

His wrestling name is Triple H

What kind of Japanese spectator sports are there?

Baseball and Sumo wrestling are several spectator sports the Japanese people engage in .

What is a Japanese system of wrestling starting with the letter J?


Japanese sumo wrestling outfits what are they called?

sumo wrestling... check it out on wikipedia.

Is sumo wrestling part of the Japanese culture?

It is a very important part of Japanese culture. The high ranking sumo are big celebrities.

A Japanese form of wrestling in which a fighter loses if forced from the ring or any part of his body execpt the soles of his feet touches the ground?

Sumo Wrestling