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Global warming

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Q: Rising tides and an arctic floe of climate questions focus mostly on the effects of?
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What are some effects of a dry and cold Arctic climate?

there all depends what kind old changes are being make because there are positive and negative effects

What provides the best evidence of Earth's climate change?

Rising temperaturesMelting glaciers, melting land ice and melting Arctic ice.Rising sea levels.

What is an arctic climate?

An arctic climate is characterized by cold temperatures, long and harsh winters, and short cool summers. The region experiences persistent snow and ice cover throughout much of the year, with average temperatures remaining below freezing. Arctic climates are typically found in high-latitude regions near the North and South Poles.

Who are the native Americans who live in the sub arctic climate?

The inuit's lived in sub arctic climate.

What is the climate like on the arctic peninsula?

"Arctic" - that is the word!

What is the Arctic climate?


Is the climate in India tropical temperature or arctic climate?

The climate in India is mainly tropical, with variations depending on the region. The Arctic climate is not found in India as it is a characteristic of regions near the North and South poles with extremely cold temperatures.

Does Germany have a tropical temperate or arctic climate?

It has a warm climate.

What is the climate like in the arctic ocean?

The climate of the arctic has long cold winters and short cool summers. There are extremes of solar radiation however in all areas of the arctic.

How is the climate like in the arctic?


What are facts about the arctic climate?


What climate does the Arctic Circle have?