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Q: The least developed country and poorest inof eastern Europe?
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What is the least developed and poorest country of Eastern Europe?


What is the poorest nation of eastern Europe?


Is Europe a developing country?

Eastern Europe is a region which contains twenty-seven countries. Slovenia is the most developed of these nations, being the thirteenth most developed European nation and the twentieth most developed nation in the world overall. Moldova is the least developed of these nations, and is the one hundred and eleventh most developed country in the world. Overall, Eastern Europe is actually pretty developed compared to the rest of the world. But compared to its counterpart, Western Europe, it is underdeveloped. Eastern Europe is still considered a developing region.

Which of southeastern European country is one of the poorest in all of Europe?

Albania is the poorest of the Southeastern European countries, and one of the poorest in all of Europe.

Which country is now Western Europe's poorest country?

By GDP, San Marino is Europe's poorest country, producing only US$2,046,000,000 annually. By GDP per capita, Moldova is Europe's poorest country, in which its citizens earn only US$2,000 annually.

The poorest country in all of Europe is the tiny country of?


Which part of Europe is developed?

There are many parts of Europe that are developed. You may be thinking in terms of western Europe being more developed that eastern Europe, but it would not be true to say that eastern Europe is not developed.

Where are the least developed countries located in Europe?

Eastern Europe in general remains less developed than Western Europe, which is a lingering consequence of the Cold War. Probably the single least developed country in Europe is Albania, which is north of Greece.

What country did Eastern Europe come from?

Eastern Europe is a region in Europe composing of many nations. No country produced Eastern Europe.

What is the name of the southern country in eastern Europe?

The southernmost country in Eastern Europe is Cyprus.

Where are the least-developed countries in Europe located?

The least-developed countries in Europe are located in Eastern Europe. The five least-developed nations are Moldova, Macedonia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania, who are all located in Eastern Europe.

Which country in Eurpoe is the poorest?

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. The annual income per head adjusted for exchange rate distortions is equivalent to about US$2,000. The next poorest country in Europe is Albania. The comparable figure is about US$5,700 - still very low but much better than the figure for Moldova.