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Q: Was there a bad girls club Chicago?
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When was Bad Girls Club created?

Bad Girls Club was created on 2006-12-05.

Who is the top bad girls out of the bad girls club?


What year did the Bad Girls Club premier?

The Bad Girls Club premiered on December 6, 2006.

When was Bad Girls Club - song - created?

Bad Girls Club - song - was created on 2005-10-14.

Who won bad girls club all-star battles?

Jennifer from bad girls club season 10

Does Jamaica have a bad girls club?


How do you7 get to audition for the bad girls club?

Go to Bad Girls Club Facebook site ...or , both sites have the information you need

Do the girls on bad girls club have to take their own money?

i think you do have to pay to be on the bad girls

How do you joining the bad girls club?

You keep using bad grammer until your intelligence matches the other people's intelligence.

Is The Bad Girls Club on oxygen staged?


How can you be a bad girls club?

If you go to the Oxygen website, casting and audition information is posted on a regular basis. . That is right, you have to audition to be in the bad girls club.

Can a 9 year old sign up for bad girls club?

can a 9 year old girl sign up for bad girls club