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Q: Were george washingtons family from England?
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Is the Kirkland family related to George Washingtons family?


What was George Washingtons ancestry?

English, he was a descendant of King Edward III of England.

What is George Washingtons favorite football team?

The New England Patriots

Who is George Washingtons family?

Martha Dandridge Custis that's his wife

Who did the cooking in George Washingtons family?

Martha Washington(his wife) and before that his mother Mary ball Washington.

George Washingtons family moved to a large called Mt Vernon?

Yes, George Washingon renovated the study, dining room, and the cupola.

How many people are in george Washingtons family?

mother and father, George and an older brother.

What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

Is George Washingtons single?

No, George Washington is not single.

What is George Washingtons's full name?

George Washington.

Who were George Washingtons relitives?

George Washingtons dad was Augustine Washington and his second wife which is his mother is Mary Ball Washington.

What is George washingtons homestate?