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Q: What 2 states Colorado on the east?
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What 2 states border Utah on the east?

Colorado and Wyoming border Utah to the east.

What states border Colorado to the east?

Colorado's eastern border is with Kansas and Nebraska.

What is the location of Colorado?

Colorado is located in the Western United States. Colorado borders Wyoming to the North, Kansas and Nebraska to the East, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the South, and Utah to the East. Colorado is one of the states of the "4 corners," where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado meet, forming the only place in the United States where for States meet.

Is Colorado in the east or west or south?

The midwest. Colorado does not border any large bodies of water.

What states border Colorado and the states direction from it?

what states border clolrado

Is Colorado east?

Colorado is in the West (western US), north of New Mexico and south of Wyoming and western Nebraska.It is the NE corner of the "four corner states" (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) so it is farther east than Utah and other states such as Nevada and California.

What ocean is east of Colorado?

Well, Colorado is landlocked, so there is no ocean immediately east of it, but if you go far enough east, you would hit the Atlantic ocean on the east coast of the United States before running into any other ocean.

What states are north of New Mexico?

Colorado to the North, Phoenix to the West, Texas to the East, Oklahoma to the North-East, So on

What states bordered Kansas?

== == Kansas is bordered by Nebraska on the north; Missouri on the east; Oklahoma on the south; and Colorado on the west.

Which state is east of Utah?

Colorado is east of Utah.

What state borders the east of Colorado?

Kansas borders the east of Colorado.

What states or countries border the state of Colorado?

there are many states bordering Colorado.... northwest park of Oklahoma, kansas and nebraska are on the east and northeast of the state New Mexico is south of the state wyoming is north of the state Arizona and Utah are both on the west and south west border of Colorado all of these states are right on the border of Colorado.