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It was Ivan the Terrible. Real name, Ivan IV Vasilyevich, born 3 September 1530, died 28 March 1584.

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Ivan the Terrible

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Q: What Russian ruler was called The Terrible?
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The first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar?

Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible

What is the old title for a Russian ruler?

A Russian ruler was called a Tsar or Czar, depending on your preferred spelling.

The first Russian ruler to use the title czar was a Ivan the terrible c catherine the great b peter the great d Ivan the great?

it's A: Ivan the Terrible

What is a ruler of the Soviet Union called?

President of the Russian Federation .

What title did Ivan the terrible take for himself?

He was named after his grandfather. ... Oh. The "Terrible" part? Well, he was pretty terrible, in the sense of "inspiring terror"; he was the first Russian ruler to claim the title "Tsar of All the Russias", and it's speculated that he was mentally ill.

Was Ivan the terrible an absolute or limited ruler?

He was an absolute!

Who was a Russian ruler who used dictatorial methods?

Joseph Stalin is the most infamous Russian dictator. He was communistic and killed 20-30 million of his own people during his reign of terror. His successors and predecessors were also very cruel and authoritarian. There are many Russian kings or Czars that were cruel dictators such as Ivan the Terrible, hence his name.

What is Ivan the terribles goals for Russia?

The goals of Ivan the terrible are he became the absolute ruler of a unified and greatly expanded Russian empire, with Moscow as its center. He also plans for westward expansion into Lithuania and Battle Region.

Who is the Russian director of Ivan the Terrible?


What Russian nobility was defeated by Ivan the terrible?


Who was the Russian leader who earned the nickname the terrible?

That was Ivan.

Who is the russian ruler admired by philosophes during the revolution?

Catherine the Great was the Russian ruler who was admired by the philosophes during the revolution. She reigned from 1762 to 1796.