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Some of the best teams in UK football are: Manchester City, Chelsea, and Southampton. There are twenty teams that currently play in the top UK football league.

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Q: What are some of the best teams in UK football?
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What are all UK football league teams?


How many teams in the world cup football UK?

The UK does not field a single team. Each country of the UK fields a team. As with all other teams they have to qualify to enter the final rounds of the competition.

Where could one find Football results in the UK?

Football results for teams in the UK can be found on the relevant league websites, on the specific football club websites and also on the BBC and Sky Sports news websites and television channels.

What winter sports is England known for?

the UK are known for the best curling teams

How many football teams participate in League 1?

In League 1 in the UK there are 24 teams that compete against each other to be top of the table. There is also a Lique 1 in France which has 20 teams playing in it.

Who are the best football ultras in the UK?

Celtic Ultras the Green Brigade. Their the only real ultras in the UK.

How many football team are there in Europe?

The answer to this question is most likely unknown, in the UK alone, there are 140 individual leagues, containing 480 divisions with an estimate of almost 7000 football teams. There are 50 different countries in Europe, and each country doesn't have the same amount of teams as the UK, and an estimate is also very difficult.

What are some well know basketball teams in the UK?

There are many basketball teams in the UK and to mention a few there are Plymouth Raiders, Durham wildcats, Worcester wolves, and Newcastle Eagles. A lot of the teams are from England and Scotland.

What a football team that's in the Champion's League in the UK?

Lots of teams from the UK have participated in the Champions League, including Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and others.

Who is the best football team in the UK?

the richest in the uk is manchester city but the most succesful team is manchester united

Where can one purchase facial equipment for football teams?

There are a large number of American football websites that sell protective facial equipment. Examples of such sites are: American Football UK, EP Sports and Amazon, although there are many others.