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the main heads of govt expenditures are DEFENCE sector, railways, imports, education, hospitals, infrasructures. the revenues earn from exports,taxes,return on facilities.

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Q: What are the main head of govt expenditure and govt revenue if the expenditure of the govt is more than income of the govt from where the govt bear the expenditure?
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What is charged expenditure on consolidated fund of India?

Article 266 of the constitution states the revenue collected, loans raised and income generated by the govt of India shall be kept under consolidated fund. This fund is kept at the disposal of the parliament. i.e no penny can be used without the sanction of the parliament. Also it is a constitutional fund and is also the largest fund of GoI.

What are the injection into the circular flow of income?

injections into the circular flow of income are basically household consumers' net savings, net taxes and import expenditure. net savings from household consumers goes to the banks which in turn uses the money for investment expenditure(withdrawals) net taxes, goes to the govt which in turn uses it for government expenditure.(withdrawals) import expenditure goes abroad, and in turn uses it for export expenditure. Y= C + I + G + ( X-M)

What are the steps involved in measuring national income using expenditure approach?

GDP = Consumer Spending + Govt Spending + Investment Spending + Net Exports ( Exports-Imports)Add the Income by the nationals fromforeigncompanies to GDPYou get the GNP - GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT

How much does the IRS collect each year?

The fact is, that ALL of the money collected by the IRS goes to Private Banks to service loans to the govt. 100% all the income tax you give goes to the pockets of private bankers. A grand illusion is most Americans believe all the income tax goes to pay for the running of the country. NOT>> The money to run the govt, comes from private banking instiutions, who loan money to the govt. Its absurd. Its a huge ponzi scheme. Trumps Madoff. So the answer to the question "How much does the IRS collect each year?" is that it doesn't matter. Its ALL theivery. No matter if its 100 million or $1000 billion, its robbery, plain and simple. Until this robbery is stopped, it will be very difficult for America to be free again.

What is public revenue in India?

The revenue received by the govt. of india from all its resouerces is know as Public Revenue. There are twi types of revenues:- 1) Tax Revenue 2) Non-Tax revenue - sub-types a) Commerrcial Revenue b)Fee etc..

Q. From which type of tax the Govt of India earns maximum amount of revenue?

custom duty

What happens to the poor people when they get rich?

to increase the income of is the duty of govt

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You are a Central Govt employee whose salary income is not taxable Can you get form 16 from the employer?


Can a govt or public sector employee own commercial vehicle for income generation?

Sure! Why not?

What is asif ali zardari's source of income?

bribery, corruption entring in Govt. of Pak

Disadvantages of multinationals in developing countries?

nothing in this world comes development results in decrease in govt funds.also govt has to take care that the income indifferences should not arise between classes of people