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Q: What are two of the engineering wonders located in Africa?
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There were Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Which two were found in Africa?

Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only the Pyramids of Egypt remain standing. Along with the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Pyramids are located in Africa.

What are two wonders of the world on Africa?

The Pyramid of Giza and the Old city of Jerusalem :)

Where are two of the seven wonders located?

The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are located in Egypt, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were located in Babylon.

Where are the two largest deserts in Africa located?

The Sahara is located across much of northern Africa. The Kalahari Desert is located in south-central Africa and the Namib Desert is located on the southwestern coast of Africa.

What did the two ancient wonders located in Greece have in common?

They were both made to honor greek gods

Which two countries are located in Africa?

Africa is a continent and it has more than 50 countries. Two of them are Chad and Malawi.

Which of the two attractions is from the seven wonders of the world?

Which of the two attractions seven wonders of the world

What two complete continents are located south of the equator?

Africa and australia not for sher if it is Africa Lol

What two continents are located within the entire hemisphere?


What are two continents that are located south of Europe?

Africa and Antarctica.

What two deserts are located in souther Africa?

The Kalahari and the Richtersvelt

What continent are two of the three largest deserts located?