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UK Spread Betting is a web directory containing the names and address of betting companies that provide spread betting in the UK. Companies include: Barclays Stockbrokers Financial Spread Training in London and BetOn Markets.

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There are many highly rated spread betting firms that are located in the United Kingdom. Some of the companies that are located in the UK are ETX Capitol, IG and CMC.

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Companies that offer spread betting in the UK include IG, InterTrader, Spread Co, City Index, FXCM and Spreadex. These are the top six companies in the UK.

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Q: What companies offer spread betting in the UK?
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How many people are involved in Spread Betting in the UK?

"There are over 500,000 spread betting accounts in the UK at this time. Spread Betting is a leveraged tool that gives investors the opportunity to trade the financial markets without ever taking physical ownership of the underlying instrument."

What is the spread?

The spread is the difference between the "buy" and the "sell" prices of a particular spread betting market (such as equities, indices, currencies and even sports!) For example spread betting company Spreadex may offer a "spread" of 5000-5002 on the UK 100 Daily (aka FTSE 100). You could buy at 5002 if you believe it will go above this level, or you can sell at 5000 if you think it will go below. The spread is effectively how the spread betting company makes its profits. The spread will get wider if you bet on futures or utilise guaranteed stop losses. If you need any more help on the terminology used in spread betting see this glossary of terms provided by Spreadex.

What sport related services does the website 'Extrabet' offer?

ExtraBet is a spread betting website that is run out of the UK. Accounts can be funded through Western Union with real time updates on scores and pay out.

How can the financial spread betting influence at global finances of UK?

Financial spread betting is making a bet on an event that pays off based on accuracy of the prediction. It is often seen in stock markets with a buying option. This betting influences global finances in the UK by giving investors a way to make money without buying or selling stock.

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Why is financial spread betting occurring in the UK?

The first thing that entices people to do financial spread betting is that your profits can be non-taxable. In the economy of today, this is a major attraction for people. Also, with stock prices down, it is much easier for the average person to be involved in trading.

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