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Antarctica has no permanent residents but does have a fair number of folks working there on scientific bases. There really is no other reason to stay there. The environment is so cold and harsh that it would be impossible to survive there without outside supplies - the growing season would be too short to grow crops on the edges that are not permanently covered with ice and there is nowhere near enough fuel to keep dwellings from freezing during the long winter.

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Antarctica. All souls on Antarctica are supported by their governments with 100% imported supplies. The work there is scientific research about the health of planet Earth.

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Q: What continent has no people living there other than those who are working on scientific bases?
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Why is pollution a problem for Antarctica even though there are no people living there?

Antarctica is the least polluted continent on earth. However, any pollution in a scientific environment is problematic. Antarctica is a continent dedicated to science. Depending on the season, there are between about 1,000 and 4,500 people living and working there temporarily. All work studies the health of planet earth.

What continent has fewest people?

Antarctica has the fewest people living on it, with only a few thousand people inhabiting scientific research stations year-round.

How many people live part time in antarctica?

Depending on the season, there may be from about 1,000 people to about 4,500 people living and working temporarily on the Antarctic continent. The continent is about the size of USA and Mexico, combined.

What continent does no one lives on?

Antarctica has no permanent population.

What continent has 1000 people living there?

It is difficult to determine a specific continent based solely on the number of people living there since population size varies across continents. However, if you are looking for a continent where a small population of 1000 people might be living, Antarctica could be a possible answer as it is primarily a research destination with limited permanent residents.

What continent is the scientific research stations in?

There are scientific research stations on every continent. On the Antarctic continent, however, these stations are the only form of community and are the locations where people live when they work on the continent -- in pursuit of science.

What types of food are eaten in Antarctica?

People working and living in Antarctica consume foods delivered to the continent by the logistical means hired by the government that supports the research station.

How do people earn a living in Greece?

They earn their livings by farming or working for people.

Which continent has about 731 million people living on it?

Africa has about 731 million people living on it, making it the second most populous continent in the world after Asia.

Who are some people that use scientific notation?

Almost all scientists and people working in a scientific discipline.

Which continent has the most people living in it?

Asia has the most people living in it, with over 4.6 billion residents.

Which continent has the highest nunber of people living in it?

Asia has the highest number of people living on it, with over 4.5 billion people residing across its diverse countries. This makes it the most populous continent in the world.