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They wore simple, plain clothing worn. Their clothing was usually black, white or grey and they lived a simple and religious life. They had no luxuries.

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Q: What did puritans wear?
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What did the puritans not wear?

condoms ?

What did puritan Brides wear to their weddings?

Puritans did not have weddings as it was sinful

What did the puritans wear?

Puritans wore clothing of rainbow colors and not black all the while. Initially, their dressing was linked to their status but later this practice stopped.

What clothes did the puritans during the Salem witch trials wear?

clothes with doo doo on it lol

What religious group established the Massachusetts Bay colony?

The Puritans .

Were the royalists puritans?

No. It was the Parliamentarians who were Puritans.

Who was the founder of Massachusetts puritans or pilgrims?

The Puritans.

Was is the pilgrims or was it the puritans that founded Massachusetts?


Did the puritans go to church every day?

they wore cloth pants and pluffs shirts for the men and the ladies wore big fluffy dresses if they were wealthy and if they wore not so wealthy they would wear cloth skirts and cotton button up shirts

Puritans Vs the church of England result of conflict?

the puritans beat the church of england.

What did most puritans work as?

Most Puritans were farmers.

Did puritans sing in church?

puritans didnot sing