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what does the yellow star on the flag mean

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Q: What does a yellow star on the American flag mean?
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What is a place in Asia that has a flag with a big star that is yellow and a background of red?

China has a red flag with a yellow star

What does the vitnam symbols and colour mean?

The flag colors mean... Red-the blood shed in the war Yellow star-they like yellow an they like stars

What does the Vietnam flag look like?

The flag of Vietnam has a red background with one large, yellow, five pointed star in the center.

What does the stars on nows American flag mean?

Each star represents a state.

What do stars mean on a flag?

it depends on which flag you refer to. On the American flag each star symbolizes a state. 50 start = 50 states

What does the star spangled banered mean?

A banner is a flag. adding a bunch of stars to it is to spangle it, if you're a poet. So the star-spangled banner is the American flag.

What flag is green red yellow with yellow star in middle?


What does each star mean?

Do you mean on the American flag? If you are, each star means a state. There is 50 stars and 50 states, which makes sence. Exaple: California is a state in the US so California gets a star on the flag.

What is flag of Vietnam?

a flag The flag of Vietnam is called the Red Flag with Yellow Star. It has a red background with a five pointed yellow star in the centre. The points of the star representing traditional divisions of its people eg. peseants, scholars, merchants, craftsmen, and soldiers.

What state is represented by the 50th star in the American flag?

The state that is represented by the 50th star in the American flag is Hawaii.

What colour is the Soviet flag?

Answer Red with a Yellow Hammer & Sickel and Yellow Star.

What does the yellow star represent on the Nevada flag?

The star on the Nevada flag is meant to represent the northern position it had during the civil war. Each point of the star represents each junction of Nevada.