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Assurbanipal (or Ashshurbanipal) was the last strong king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

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Q: What empire did Ashurbanipal rule over?
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Assyrian king during the height of the Assyrian empire?

it is Ashurbanipal

Which empire developed the first library of Nineveh?

The Neo-Assyrian empire, the library was built by Ashurbanipal

Who was the leader of the Assyrians?

The leader of the Assyrian empire was Ashurbanipal. Hope this helps!

What empire did Julius Caesar rule over?

the roman empire.

Over which empire did Caligula rule?

The Roman Empire

Who was the assyrian king during the height of the assyrian empire?

Ashurbanipal was the Assyrian king during the height of the Assyrian Empire.

How do you pronounce Ashurbanipal?


In what ways were king Ashurbanipal and king nebuchadnezzar similar?

they both ran an empire they were both rulers and cruel

What is 1 ruler of the Assyria empire?

Some of the more important Assyrian Emperors include:Tiglath-Pilesser, Sennacherib, and Ashurbanipal.

How do you use the word assyrian in a sentence?

Examples: "The Assyrian Empire was a dominant kingdom is early Mesopotamia." "The Assyrian King Ashurbanipal, built the world's first library in the history of mankind, called the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal." "The Assyrians today are spread all over the world due to the Assyrian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire and persecutions done by Turkish, Kurdish, and Arab Muslims just because the Assyrians are Christian."

What historical and religious document gives details of Taharqa's rule of Egyypt?

The historical and religious document that gives details of Taharqa's rule of Egypt is the "Annals of Ashurbanipal." These annals are inscriptions found on clay tablets from the reign of the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal, detailing his military campaigns, including the conflicts with Taharqa of Egypt.

Who was first woman to rule over delhi empire?

Razia Sultana