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The Walton School, a former Moose Lodge, was torn down sometime in 1973. It was only in operation for about four years before it lost its accreditation. The building was demolished and a parking lot now stands where it used to be. The Walton School was known for its liberal and creative teaching methods as well as the celebrity names of some of its students. It was the '70s. There was a lot of polyester. Most of us who attended the school have a lot of fond memories of the place. If anyone from Walton reads this, please reply and I'll get in touch with you. Missy M. Walton School, 1971-72

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Q: What happened to the Walton School in Panorama City California?
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I went there. Hi guys! ! My name is Donna Kiningham, I attended The Walton School in 1972. I graduated June of 1972. I'm looking for my fellow survivors. E-mail me

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