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dolar (1) dolares (more than 2)

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Q: What is a dollar bill in Chile called?
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Why is the 100 dollar bill called a mallard?

Where did the term mallard come from when referring to a 100 dollar bill

What is the equivalent Chile to a US dollar?

23 chiles to the single dollar.

Who is on every dollar bill?

The 1 dollar Bill is George Washington. The 2 dollar bill is Thomas Jefferson. The 5 dollar bill is Abraham Lincoln. The 10 dollar bill is Alexander Hamilton. The 20 dollar bill is Andrew Jackson. The 50 dollar bill is Ulysses S. Grant. The 100 dollar bill is Benjamin Franklin. The 500 dollar bill is William Mckinley. The 1,000 dollar bill is Grover Cleveland. The 5,000 dollar bill is James Madison. The 10,000 dollar bill is Salmon P. Chase. The 100,000 dollar bill is Woodrow Wilson. The 1,000,000 is a fake dollar bill but has the Statue of Liberty on it.

What type of eagle is in the back of a dollar bill?

It is called the silver eagel!

What is slang for one dollar bill?

A five-dollar bill is called a fin, or a finif, from The Yiddish finf, or five.

What are the metric names for a pennydime10 dollar bill 100 dollar bill and 1000 dollar bill?

Penny: Centidollar Dime: Decidollar Ten dollar bill: Decadollar 100 dollar bill: Hectodollar 1,000 dollar bill: Kilodollar

What does Ireland call dollar bill?

Irish people call the US Dollar bill, a dollar or a dollar bill.

How much is a dollar bill worth that has a star?

A dollar bill with a star next to the serial number is called a "replacement note." Its value is the same as a regular dollar bill - $1. However, some collectors may be willing to pay a bit more for these unusual bills.

What does a dollar equal in chile?

One US dollar equals 476.8 Chilean Pesos.

What is slang for twenty dollar bill?

A ten dollar bill is known as a "sawbuck." Early tens had a Roman numeral X, which was thought to resemble a carpenter's sawhorse, or sawbuck, as it was also known. A twenty dollar bill is often called a "Double Sawbuck."

What are examples of current Canadian Values?

lonnie (1$) toonie (2$) five dollar bill ten dollar bill twenty dollar bill fifty dollar bill and the one hundred dollar bill

Is a dollar a coin?

There's no coin or bill called a "dollor". However, if you check the spelling you'll find that the US has both a 1 DOLLAR paper bill and a brass coin.