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Q: What is the effect of the war in darfur?
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What was the effect of diversity in Darfur?


What's in Darfur?

there is a war

Who is causing the problems in Darfur?

Darfur has been a war zone since 2003 and the one who is causing this war is the president of Sudan. The people of Sudan Do not have any right at all. The war in Darfur was also caused by the oil.

Is the War in Darfur a genocide?


What happens in Darfur?

there is a war

How is the Holocaust related to the war in Darfur?

The Holocaust is not related to the war in Darfur. One can find similarities between any events in history, it does not make them related.

When did the war in Darfur begin?

The guerrilla war in Darfur began in February 2003. The origins of the conflict was over land disputes but the war began over accusations of oppression of non-Arabs.

When did war in darfur start?

Yes it is still going on. This war was started in 2003 and is still being continued.

What events occurred February 2003 in Sudan?

darfur war

Where can one find information on the War in Darfur?

One can find more information on the War in Darfur on websites such as Americares, Insight on Conflict, Wikipedia, Jewish World Watch, Save Dafur or BBC.

What is the War-torn region of western Sudan?

Darfur region is located in the western part of the Sudan.Because of the war in Darfurbetween Sudanese government forces and the indigenous population, the region has been in a state of humanitarian emergency since 2003.

Why did war break out in Darfur?

Note:This is a very expansive and complicated question with a complicated answer and cannot be covered adequately in a few short sentences.Please refer to the links on this page for a fuller understanding of the situation and current conditions. [Copy and paste into your browser to access]Wikipedia on Darfur USA on Darfur