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Sugarcane is the national fruit of Fiji.

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bananas,coconuts,sugar just basic things

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Q: What is the fruit of Fiji?
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What fruit do they use as football in Fiji?

Fiji people dont play football but rather Rugby. If you mean Football as in soccer??

Does Fiji have desserts?

Almost all continents have some form of dessert, whether it be just fresh fruit or a baked goodie. Usually regions incorporate their local fruits and sweets into their recipes. Fiji is known for it's tropical fruit and many of their desserts are made with them.

How do you spell fij?

The Pacific Island group is spelled "Fiji."The tree fruit, often dried, is a fig.

What animals are there in Fiji?

Some animals found in Fiji include the Fiji banded iguana, Fiji flying fox, Fiji barred-wing rail, and various species of birds like the orange fruit dove and painted goshawk. The surrounding waters of Fiji also host a diverse marine life, including sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and various fish species.

What are Fiji native animals?

Fiji's native animals are limited. There are two native mammals: the fruit bat (beka) and a small insect-eating bat. Among Fiji's native reptiles are the crested iguana and banded iguana. Native birds include the kula lorikeet, green kadavu parrot (found only on the island of Kadavu), endangered peregrine falcons, Fiji petrel, the silktail and the long-legged warbler.

What was the Fiji's name before it was actually named Fiji?

FIJI has foe ever been FIJI

What is Fiji's official name?

Republic of the Fiji IslandsThe Sovereign Republic of the Fiji Islands.

What is Fiji's continent located on?

Fiji is located in Australasia

How many countries do Fiji have?

There is only one country in Fiji: Fiji.

What kind of money does Fiji use?

Fiji uses the Fiji Dollar, although the Australian Dollar is widely accepted _______________________________________________ Fiji is a country of its own with its own jurisdiction and legislation. Fiji uses the Fiji Dollar. $1.00=100cents. Fiji monetary unit is $FJD

Is Fiji a continental?

No Fiji is not a continent. Fiji falls under the Australian continent.

Why did Fiji migrate to Australia?

Fiji did not migrate to Australia. Fiji stayed exactly where it is.