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Aloha: Say aloha kuakahi [kooah-kahee]

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Q: What is the hawaiian translation for the english words your first love?
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How do you say english words in hawaiian?

You can find English words translated into Hawaiian by using a Hawaiian-English dictionary or online translation tools. It's important to note that Hawaiian language has its own unique sounds and pronunciation rules, so learning how to pronounce Hawaiian words correctly is key.

What is the translation for dragon in hawaiian?

Aloha: mo'o [mo oh - 2 words] There are some english made up words, but this one is best.

What is the English translation of the Hawaiian words 'kealoha keanuenue okalani'?

Translation of these words are: Kealoha (the love); Keanuenue (the rainbow); Okalani (of the heavens). These are Hawaiian words. Aloha Nui (Much (or big) love).....

What is the Samoan translation of the English words 'my family comes first'?

E muamua lo'u aiga

How do you say heart in hawaiian?

Many words we use in English have a word in the Hawaiian language. The Hawaiian word for Heart is Puuwai.

Faafetai tele lava mo le valaau lea?

the first three words translate into hawaiian from Samoa mahalo nui loa , from hawaiian to English thank you very much

How do you say boss in hawaiian language?

Hawaiian people speak mostly English they use some words that are Hawaiian but mostly English, i assume that boss is spoken the same as in English

What is English translation of Sioux words Toniktuka how?

The English translation of the Sioux words "Toniktuka how" is "How are you?"

What is the English translation of the word maquillaje?

There are a number of online websites that will provide the English translation for foreign words. Makeup is the English translation for the Spanish word maquillaje.

What is the English translation of the Maori words Te vomit?

The English translation of "Te vomit" is "The vomit".

What is the English translation of payak na salita?

The English translation of "payak na salita" is "simple words".

How do you say Yanira in hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, the name Yanira does not have a direct translation. However, you could choose a similar Hawaiian name or try to adapt it to the Hawaiian language by using native words with similar meanings.