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The importance of a digital computer configuration is to have a fast, stable, and reliable working computer. It is also to achieve a satisfactory setup.

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Q: What is the importance of a digital computer configuration?
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What is the importance of digital zoom?

Digital zoom really isn't important. It is the same as cropping, so it reduces image quality. Nothing you can't do with a computer. What you want is optical zoom.

Importance of digital computer?

Digital technology uses digital data -- sets of discrete values, typically the numbers 1 and 0 -- to represent information. This is in contrast to analog technology that uses continuous values to represent data. All modern computer and electronic equipment are digital because they use and manipulate information using the digits 1 and 0. Digital technology has largely replaced slower analog systems due to its numerous security, speed and error control advantage

Is super computer an analog or digital computer?

The super computer is a massively parallel digital computer.

Which is the brain of a digital computer?

Of course, The brain of Digital Computer is CPU.

What is importance of computer in microbiology?

What is the importance of computer in microbiology

What was the name of the first digital computer?

The first digital computer was called ENIAC

What is laptop computer is it digital computer?

A Laptop is a small, portable version of the standard Personal Computer. A Personal Computer (PC) is digital, therefore making the laptop digital as well.

How is computer making the importance of books less?

Computers offer convenience and accessibility to information, which can make people less reliant on physical books. However, books continue to hold value in offering deep, uninterrupted reading experiences and a tactile connection to text that some may find more enriching than digital alternatives. Ultimately, the importance of books is evolving rather than diminishing in the digital age.

Where can one find a computer configuration service?

One can find a computer configuration service online at Angies List. Not only will you find a computer configuration service, you will also see detailed reviews of the service.

Who descibed many elements of the modern digital computer?

who discribed many elements of the modern digital computer ? who discribed many elements of the modern digital computer ?

What is digital forensics exactly?

Digital forensics is the recovery and investigation of computer software found in digital devices. Digital forensics can also be referred to as computer crime. Digital forensics was originally called computer forensics but was changed to encompass all digital devices.

How much a desktop computer in 2007?

It depended to your computer configuration.