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The UAE and Dubai do not use a postal or zip code system at all

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Q: What is the postcode of al barsha 1 Dubai uae?
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What is the postcode of Al Karama Dubai UAE?

There are no postcodes in Dubai its all Po Box numbers

Is Al Barsha and Jumeirah close together?

Jumeirah and Al Barsha in Dubai are about 5km apart

Where is the location if Ibis Al Barsha Hotel Dubai?

Off Sharaf DG Metro Station, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where can i work out for street workout or calisthenics in Dubai preferably near barsha 3?

There is a jogging trail around Al Barsha Pond Park, which is located near Al Barsha Mall.

Where is al mawakeb school?

there is 3, one in Lebanon, Dubai (garhoud where i go) and one in Dubai (barsha)

Where can you get club penguin membership cards in Dubai by al barsha 2?

I'm not sure they sell it there but you can buy a membership online.

What is the complete address of Service Employees International in Dubai UAE?

SEII Al Moose Tower 1, PO Box 120727 Dubai, UAE

What is a salinas in uae?

salina of Mutti south of dubai and the salina of al-sura in fujairah

Where can you get QOD Brazilian keratin treatment in Dubai? Office:+971 4 4474659 Location: Al Barsha, behind Mall of the Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Which is the biggest hotel in the world?

Burj al Arab in the uae, Dubai, jumairah

Which country is Al Yaqoub Tower found?

Al Yaqoub Tower is a building found at Dubai in UAE.

Which country is Burj Al Arab found?

Burj Al Arab is a building found at Dubai in UAE.