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there is no state called Riyadh. There is a town called Riyadh, though.

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Q: What is the state of riyadh?
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Are there coyotes in Riyadh?

No, there are no coyotes in Riyadh.

What are the deserts in Riyadh called?

Riyadh is in the Arabian Desert.

What does riyadh means in English?

Riyadh means "Gardens".

What is the distance from riyadh to khobar?

Al-KHOBAR to RIYADH -------- 380 KM to Riyadh Border and 395 to Centre of the City

Are Riyadh's people Russian?

No, Riyadh's people are Saudi Arabian.

What is popolation of riyadh?

The current population of Riyadh in 2010 is 27,136,977.

What does Riyadh mean?

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia ..

What is Riyadh Province's population?

Riyadh Province's population is 5,455,363.

When was Girls of Riyadh created?

Girls of Riyadh was created in 2005.

When was Moustafa Riyadh born?

Moustafa Riyadh was born in 1941.

How tall is Riyadh Haque?

Riyadh Haque is 5' 11".

By train from riyadh to dammam?

what is the time train from riyadh to dammam