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Q: What kind of colony Georgia became after the charter of 1732 expired?
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What type of colony did Georgia become in 1752 after the Trustees returned the charter to the king?

it became a royal colony

When did Georgia become a charter colony?

A charter colony is a colony that has been founded based on the laws of a charter created by officials or sometimes the people that will live there in the case of many of the thirteen colonies in America. A charter is a document that has the rules of a piece of land that people will or have been settling in. The declaration of independence is a form of a charter.

Importance of the charter of 1732?

To establish the Georgia colony

How did life in Georgia change in 1752?

Georgia became a royal colony in 1752

Which colony was farthest south?

Georgia. The original charter set the boundaries of the colony between the Altamaha and Savannah Rivers and then extended westward all the way to the Mississippi River. The charter was granted in 1732.

Was Georgia a royal proprietary or joint stock colony?

Georgia was a proprietary colony and had a corporate charter, which was a grant signed by George II in April, 1732.

What is the official name of the colony of Georgia?

The official name for the colony of Georgia was the Province of Georgia. General James Oglethorpe received a charter from George II in 1732. The colony was named after King George. Oglethorpe started the colony as a haven for debtors.

What was the motive by the founders for the colony of Georgia?

In 1732, James Oglethorpe was given a charter from King George II to create a new colony which he would name Georgia.

How long had Virginia been a royal colony when ga became a royal colo?

Virginia was a royal colony for 45 years before Georgia became a royal colony. Virginia became a royal colony in 1707 and Georgia became one in 1752.

When did King George II grant Oglethorpe and the Trustees the charter for the colony of Georgia?


Definition of a charter colony?

A charter colony is a colony that was started with a charter. A charter is permission from the King or Queen to start a colony.

How was Georgia governed?

Colonial Georgia was governed by the trustees who founded the colony, until 1752, when it became a royal colony.