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Q: What lie north of eastern Europe and western Russia?
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Wheres the Black Sea?

In the northern hemisphere In Eastern Europe mostly A bit on North Western Asia The six countries it surrounds are Southern Ukraine Eastern Romania Eastern Bulgaria Northern Turkey Western Georgia South Western Russia

Where is Russia on the map?

Russia is located in North-Eastern Europe. Hard to miss.

What three continents were the extent of alexanders empire?

Western and Central Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Does Western Europe produce more oil than Eastern Europe?

Western Europe produces more oil than Eastern Europe. The main oil supplier in Western Europe is the North Sea, while it's the Black Sea and the Caucasus in Eastern Europe.

What nation covers most of the north European plain in eastern Europe?

Russia covers most of the North European Plain in eastern Europe. It is the largest country in the world by land area and spans across both Europe and Asia. The North European Plain is one of the major geographical features of Russia and extends into several other countries in Eastern Europe.

Why north western europe is warmer tgan north eastern NorthAmerica?

Western Europe has warmer weather than areas of the same latitude due to the North Atlantic Drift, an outlet of the Gulf Stream, which is a warm-water current.

What continents are in both the western and eastern hemisphers?

Africa, Europe, Antarctica, and North America are continents that are in both the western and eastern hemispheres.

Is Russia considered Northern Europe?

Russia is more associated with Eastern Europe than it is with Northern Europe, but this is simply because Europe is more commonly split into just west and east. If you were to split Europe into just north and south, Russia would be considered Northern Europe.

What are four European physiographic regions?

Four major landscape units of Europe are as follows:The North-western HighlandsThe central LowlandsThe Central UplandsThe Alpine mountains

What two continents are in both the eastern and the western hemispheres?

Africa and Europe are continents that are in both the eastern and western hemispheres.

What contenents are both the eastern and western hemispheres?

Africa and Antarctica are the continents that are both in the eastern and western hemispheres.

What current warms the eastern coast of the US and the western coast of Europe?

The Gulf Stream warms the eastern coast of the United States. Its outreach, the North Atlantic Drift, warms Western Europe.