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Q: What strength and weakness does Debenhams plc have compared to its department store competitors?
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What is the strength and weakness of a purchasing department?

The primary job of the purchasing department involves making actual purchases for the company. The strength of purchasing departments is often the knowledge of the financial industry. The weakness of the purchasing department is usually the lack of significance of this particular department.

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You are a controller of each and every activity in the organization. This is your strength.

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strength:financial soundness is there one of strength and lots of takeovers of competitor companies weakness:lot of competitors recent days & lots of government restrictions on ranbaxy drugs compiled byprakash.r MBA bit

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The motto of Army Medical Department - United States - is 'To Conserve Fighting Strength'.

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ang pagiging cra 22k...hahahaha

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Strength, accessability to it and its cost is relatively cheap compared to alternatives.

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The electric field strength decreases with distance from a point charge following an inverse square law. So at a distance of 2m from the point charge, the electric field strength will be weaker compared to when closer to the charge.

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Amul is a well known brand for dairy. SWOT analysis- Strengths: Strong network, affordable prices than competitors, good quality. Weakness: small market share in confectionery segment like chocolate. Opportunities: Increase share in chocolate segment. Threat: competitors like nestle.

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