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Q: What supplies were used to build missions?
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Why were Indians necessary to mission?

Because they were used to build the missions make soap and candles.

When did Spain start to build missions in Texas?

Spain started to build missions in Texas around 1690.

Who was sent by Spain to build missions in California?

The person who was sent to Spain to build missions was father Serra

Cost to build a small restaurant?

The cost to build a restaurant has many variables. It depends on the location, the contractor used and the cost of supplies.

What did father father junipero serra do?

he helped build some missions and he found 21 missions one of them is the San Diego mission

Who will make missions to the space station to deliver supplies?

Barack Obama

What did they build the missions out of?

Stones and mud,and dirt

How did the Spanish decide where to build the missions?

by serra

Why did father serra want to build missions?


How much missions did father serra build?

father serra built i think 9 missions.

Who was sent by spian to build missions in California?


When did Spain begin to build missions in Texas?

About 1690.