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Well, since we're all humans I guess we would spend money on, clothes, food, drinks, toys, lots of stuff. They would buy normal stuff like you or me.

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Q: What to people in pakistan spend there money on?
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How does Pakistan make their money inports or exports?

Pakistan make their money by being corrupt, and by blackmailing people

What do people do in summer in Pakistan?

Well, i guess what some people do is go abroad and spend their summer outside Pakistan, but mostly, they just relax in the Pakistani heat.

Why do some people spend money they don't have?

According to Time Magazine people spend money because they feel lonely.

Why do wealthy people tend to spend a lot of money?

B/c they have a lot of money to spend.

What do people in London spend their money on?

People in London can spend money on different things so next time be more specific on what your asking

What kind of money do the people in Pakistan use?

Pakistani rupee

Why is money sent to Pakistan?

Money transfer? Cuz people have relatives back home.... Aid? Cuz Pakistan recently faced a devestating flood

How do russia people spend their money on?


What do Hebrews spend money on?

Jewish people spend money on the same things non-Jewish people do: food, cars, ipads, houses, vacations, etc.

What kind of money is used in Pakistan?

Paper Money and coin money is used in Pakistan..... and rupee is currency of Pakistan..

What is the money governmetn can decide how to spend?

Discretionary funds is the money the government can decide how to spend.

Why tourism industry does not grows in Pakistan?

It's because people don't like Pakistan a lot and Pakistan has a very bad governments which takes the industrys' money.