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well, the story is that Persephone, goddess of spring, was the daught of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, and Zeus, god of lightening. Hades came to Zeus asking if he could take Persephone down to the underworld and make her his bride. Zeus agreed, saying that if Hades could get Persephone to go with him to the underworld, he could make her his bride. Hades found Persephone picking flowers in a field with her friends and took her down to the underworld on his chariot. However, when Demeter couldn't find her daughter, she came to ask Zeus if he knew where Persephone was. When she learned what had happened, she threatened that if her daughter wasn't returned, she would prevent anything from growing. Under the threat of death for man kind, Zeus said that Persephone could return IF she hadn't eaten anything in the underworld. Unfortunately, Hades had tricked eating Persephone into eating a few pomegranate seeds. In a compromise, they agreed that Persephone would spend 9 months of the year with Demeter (spring, summer, and fall) but would return to her husband for the other three months (winter).

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Q: What was the deal struck between Demeter and Hades?
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Greek Mythology What was the deal struck between Demeter and Hades?

That for 6 months of the year, Persephone would stay with Hades in the Underworld. Then, she would get to come on land again.

What was created when Demeter's daughter was kidnapped?

After Hades stole Demeter's daughter, Persephone, Demeter went into depression and the harvest never came. However after a deal had been struck and Persephone could be returned for six before she went to live with Hades again for six month -and so on- the seasons were created. When Persephone left, Autumn and Winter followed. And when she returned Spring and Summer begun

Who does Zeus send to make a deal with Demeter?

Zeus sends Hermes to make a deal with Demeter to persuade her to let the crops grow again in order to end the famine caused by her grief over the abduction of her daughter Persephone by Hades.

How is the character of Demeter similar to and different from the character of Hades in the myth Demeter and Persephone?

Demeter and Hades are both powerful figures in Greek mythology, but their roles and personalities greatly differ. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and nurturing, associated with life and growth, while Hades is the god of the underworld, associated with death and the afterlife. Demeter is depicted as a caring mother figure, while Hades is often portrayed as cold and stoic.

What did Demeter feel when her daughter was taken?

When Demeter's daughter Persephone was taken by Hades the god of the underworld, she was heartbroken and searched for her everyday. She found her but it was too late. Persephone had eaten some of the underworld fruit. The deal was to stay with her mother for the Spring and Summer, and being Hades's queen for the Winter and Autumn.

Which two greek gods make a deal so that they have seasons?

Demeter and Hades. Demeter wanted her daughter, Persephone, back, but she ate seeds of a pomegranate so she had to stay down in the Underworld. Zeus made a compromise so Persephone would only have to stay down half of the year. It is spring and summer when she is with Demeter and fall and winter when she is with Hades in the Underworld.

What does the myth of Persephone explain?

Persephone is the only daughter of Demeter (Ceres) the Goddess of the Harvest and Zeus. Hades, god of the underworld, loved Persephone's beauty and kidnapped her and brought her to the underworld. When Zeus had discovered what Hades had done, he sent Hermes to the underworld demanding Persephone were released. Hades obliged but insisted the Persephone eat a pomegranate seed before he left. Thinking nothing of it, she agreed not knowing it would force her to stay in the underworld. Zeus and Demeter were furious so they struck a deal with Hades letting her live half the year above the surface ans spend half of it below, with Hades. Whenever Persephone has to retreat back to the underworld, Demeter gets horribly depressed and refuses to let anything grow, hence fall and winter, and when she is back, Demeter is happy and spring and summer flourish.

How did Hades and his wife get married?

Hades' wife Persephone was tricked into marrying him. When she fell into a hole that led to the underworld, she remembered what her mother (Demeter, goddess of agriculture) had told her; never eat anything in the underworld. When Demeter couldn't find her daughter, she was crestfallen and depressed, searching for Persephone each day. Finally after a few months, Hades hated to see Persephone look so sad, so he offered her a deal; if she ate 3 - 4 pomegranate seeds, he would let her go. Forgetting what her mother told her, Persephone agreed to the deal. When Hades let Persephone out of the underworld, Demeter was rejoicing with glee until Persephone told her about the seeds. Demeter immediately changed from happiness to sadness, because since Persephone ate the 4 seeds, she would have to live as Hades' wife in the underworld for 4 months. This Greek tale explains why we have the season of winter. Hope this helped! ~Max

Did Demeter find her daughter after being abducted by her brother Zeus?

Zeus did not abduct Persephone, Hades did. They were in a garden when Hades noticed her. He immediately grabbed Persephone and fled to the underworld. Some people think that Zeus had a part in devising a plan to kidnap her, but whether that is true or not, I do not know. When Hades grabbed her, Persephone let out a loud scream. Demeter heard this and dropped what she was doing to help her daughter, but when she arrived, Persephone was gone. Demeter wandered the country side looking for her daughter, completely forgetting her task as an Olympian Goddess. Greece was plauged with droughts and crops would not grow. Demeter wandered for a great deal of time before Zeus ordered Hades to return Persephone. Hades pretended to comply but first tricked Persephone into eating a pomegranat seed. If you eat food from the underworld you are immediately property of Hades. Zeus and Hades then worked out a compromise. Persephone would stay in the Underworld for 9 months and would be returned to Demeter for 4 months. Thus we have the seasons. Demeter is too depressed to work with her daughter gone, so crops won't grow in the winter. When Persephone is with her mother, crops flourish.

Did Hades ever get married?

Hades did actually get married. The story goes like this:Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus, was playing in the fields while her mother was tending to the earth. Hades saw her and thought her the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He came up from a hole in the earth and swept Persephone back to the Underworld. Persephone was lonely and took to wandering the gardens.Meanwhile, Demeter had gone on a crazy search for her daughter. When she couldn't find Persephone, Demeter went to Zeus, begging he help her find their daughter. Zeus was able to find Persephone and allowed her to come back to her mother as long as she hadn't eaten the fruit of the Underworld.Unfortunately, Persephone managed to eat seven pomegranate seeds. She had been terribly hungry and said it had onlybeen a few seeds. But Hades- desperate to keep his beloved- replied that the seeds were enough to matter.Hades and Demeter made a deal. Persephone had to stay in the Underworld for half the year and could go back to her mother for the other half as long as Persephone married Hades. Demeter and Persephone agreed.And that's how Hades was married.

According to Greek mythology why are there different seasons?

The goddess of harvest Demeter had a daughter called Persephone. In mythology the lord of the underworld Hades kidnapped her down to the underworld to make her his wife. During her absence Demeter was grieving at her lost that all the crops etc. on earth died and mortals were going hungry. Zeus couldn't ignore the cries of the people anymore and arranged for Hades to give Persephone back to Demeter. But during her stay Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds. If one eats the food of the dead, then they are trapped in the underworld. Zeus struck a deal with Hades. Persphone would stay in the underworld fo six months and then return to her mother for six months aswell. The cycle would continue every year and so the seasons would change everytime Persephone left and returned.

How does the myth of Demeter and Persephone explain the change of the seasons?

The aciant Greek explaind th seasons changes by the goddess Persephonie (goddess of the seasons and the wife of death "Hades") It is said in mythology that Persephonie use to live in Mt. Olympus with the other main god, but one day Hadas (god of death) came to visit his fellow gods at Mt. Olympus. When he kidnapped Persephonie and toke her to his relm to be his wife. When Zeus found out that his own brother kidnapped his duaghter to be his wife, he became furous. But Zeus coulden't bring his duaghter back to Mt. Olympus but made a deal withhis brother Hades that; Six mouths Persephonie will stay with her new hosband and six mounths she will return to her home land. Hades agreed. This cycle of six months is, when Persephonie goes to her home land it's the time of the Spring Exquinox that brings spring, when Persephonie goes back to her hosband is the time OS Autumn Exquinox that brings Autumn.