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Delhi Daredevils was created in 2008.

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Q: When was Delhi Daredevils created?
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Who won the match yesterday Mumbai Indians or Delhi Daredevils?

Delhi Daredevils

Who will win toss today's IPL match between Delhi Daredevils Vs Mumbai Indians?

Delhi Daredevils

Holding share of dlf Delhi Daredevils?

no one has the share of delhi daredevils. Its owner is GMR and no partnership. Its main sponsor is Hero Honda

Who is the coach of the Delhi Daredevils?

madan lal

Who is the owner of delhi daredevils?

GMR Group

Who is the owner of Delhi daredevils in 2011?


Who is the owner of Delhi Daredevils team?


Who will win the cricket ipl for 2012?

Delhi daredevils

Who is the new captain of Delhi Daredevils?

James Hopes

Who will ipl?

ipl wil win delhi daredevils 100%

Who will win Chennai Super King's or delhi daredevils?


What is the color of Delhi Daredevils jerseys?

Red and navy blue