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Q: Which country's existence does the Palestinian liberation organization's or PLO original Palestinian national charter refuse to acknowledge?
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What is the primary goal of the palestine liberation organization?

To prohibit the existence and activity of Zionism.

When did the PLO come into existence?

The PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) is an umbrella political organization representing the Palestinian people in their drive for a Palestinian state. It was formed in 1964 to centralize the leadership of various groups. After the 6-day war in 1967, it carried a distinctly Palestinian agenda. In 1969 Yasir Arafat was elected chairman of the PLO and he was then elected president of Palestinian states in 1989.

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Are Palestine Muslims?

Palestinians are not all Muslims. Palestinians are consisting of Palestinian christian and Palestinian Muslims but the percentage of Palestinian Christian has greatly diminished since the Israeli occupation especially during the Deir Yassin Massacre of 1948. As the stories of Palestinian Christian is not widely told, many people seem to forget their existence and take for granted that all Palestinian are Muslims and their plight has been forgotten.

What three strips of land are issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Gaza Golan Heights West Bank ======================== The Gaza strip was cleared of Israeli settlements by Israel's army, and handed over to the Palestinian Authority, years ago. Shortly after that, Hamas launched an armed takeover and threw out the Palestinian Authority. The real issue in the Arab-Israel "conflict" is the strip of land that runs roughly from Eilat northward to the border of Lebanon, and is labeled "Israel" on maps in places that acknowledge its existence.

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