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Fujairah is the emirate that is close to oman and is surrounded by mountains

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Q: Which emirate is close to Oman and surrounded by mountains?
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Which of these emirate dubai or fujairah is located on the gulf of oman?


What is the ethnic group of Oman?

There are no bodies of water IN Oman. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf.

Is Zafar Mountains located in Oman or Qatar?


Where are Zafar mountains located in Qatar or in Oman?


Where is Ajman?

Ajman is an Emirate in the country: United Arab Emirates. The UAE has Saudi Arabia and Oman as its neighbours.

Is Oman a plain?

No, Oman has a narrow coastal plain, but mountains inland and desert inland of those mountains.

What countries are close to Dubai?

Dubai is not a country. Dubai is one of the main cities of The United Arab Emirates, which is located in the Arabian Gulf. Saudi Arabia is at its South, Qatar and Bahrain and at the West of UAE, and Oman is at the East

Where is Sheikh Zayed Road located?

Sheikh Zayed Road is located in the United Arab Emirates. It is a highway and the longest road in the United Arab Emirates, that starts from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and ends close to the border of Oman.

Are there any mountains in Oman?

yes many

Where are Zafar mountains located?

Located in Oman

Does the desert cover Oman?

With the exception of the mountains, which are tropical, Oman is covered by desert - the Arabian Desert.

What is the Pakistani population in Oman?

There is always a high population of Pakistani workers in Oman, but I think only the Government of Oman would have figures that are anywhere close.