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Ariel Sharon 4 January 2006 till now 2013.....

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Q: Who is the longest living person on a ventilator?
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Who is the longest person living on earth?


Who is the longest living person in trhe world?


Is a ventilator and life support the same thing?

a ventilator helps somebody breathe that its a life support machine keeps the person alive it basically does all the body functions for them they cant survive without it a person on a ventilator kinda can survive.

What is the longest time on life a support machine?

The longest recorded time a person has been on a life support machine is over 37 years. Paul Fairbanks, of California, was on a ventilator from the age of two until he passed away at the age of 39 in 2017.

Who is the longest living person in this world and what age?

Jeanne Louise Calmant

Does ventilator associated pneumonia require hospitalization?

Ventilator associated pneumonia does require a person to be hospitalized. The ventilator is a large, expensive machine that requires medical professionals to use the machine.

How does a ventilator help a person breathe?

i am also searching for it

How old is longest living person in 2010?

The longest person alive is Eugénie Blanchard she is 114 year old and lives in France, she was born on the 16th of February of 1896

Who was the longets living person?

The longest verified living person was Jeanne Calmet who died on August 4th 1997 ...He was 122 years 164 days old

During two-person CPR can the compressor and ventilator change positions?

Yes the compressor and ventilator can change positions; when the person giving compressions is ready to change, he calls for 'change" on the last compression.

When a person is on a ventilator can they walk around?

No, when a person is on a ventilator they are typically confined to their bed as the ventilator is a machine that helps with breathing support. Walking around would not be possible as the person is connected to the ventilator through tubing.

What is the longest living snackes?

The longest living snake is the Common Boa.