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Southern states threatened to secede from the Union if Abraham Lincoln was elected as president.

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Q: Why did the federalists threaten to secede?
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What did the south threaten to do?

Secede from the USA

What did the south threatened to do if the balance was not maintained?

What did the southerners threaten with

Why did the south threaten to secede from the union?

South Carolina thought the tarrif (taxes) were too high, so they threatened to secede

What did the federalist threaten to do because the Louisiana purchase?

Well not sure there. But during the War of 1812 they threaten to secede which was their eventual downfall.

Why did South Carolina threaten to secede over the tariff issue?

Leave the Union

How did the use of tariff threaten to tear the nation apart?

Southern States would leave of secede

What was the reaction of the federalists to the Louisianna Purchase?

they sought ties with england and not france so they planned to secede from the union

What did South Carolina threaten to do if the federal government challenged the Nullification Act?

they threatened to leave the Union and secede from it

Why did the federalists party lose support after the war of 1812?

During the war of 1812 they planned to secede from the United States

In 1833 South Carolina threaten to secede from the union if?

Congress continued to raise protective tariffs.

What did president Zachary Taylor threaten to do against the south if states tried to secede?

per the recent history channel documentary on the presidents which i saw (appropriately) on president's day, he stated that he would hang the governor of south carolina if that state made an attempt to secede from the union...

Why did Federalist in New England want to secede from the union?

they were not getting their way of government and Federalists being merchants and lawyers were getting hit badly with affairs with Britain and France in the early 1800's