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Because it wants to

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Q: Why does Delaware exist?
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Under what government did the confederation congress exist?


Famous war in Delaware in the 1500's was called?

Delaware and the whole of the USA didn't exist in the 1500's

Did a Revolutionary War event happen in Delaware?

yes a revolutionary war event happened in Delaware

Who dropped the silver dollar into the Delaware river at the battle of Trenton?

No one. Silver dollars didn't exist in 1776.

What parts of the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware are false?

The US flag depicted didnt exist yet

Is there VTA Trading and Consulting LLC in Wilmington Delaware?

can u please check whether exist company VTA trding and consulting LLC, Delaware, 1220 North market street suite 806 Wlnigton DE 19801

Are Peter Minuit and Peter Minuet the Same person?

Peter Minuet doesn't seem to exist, but Peter Minuit is the founder of NY (New Amsterdam) and Delaware.

Is the Delaware Colony in Delaware?

Yes, it was in Delaware.

What is a bay to the east of Delaware?

Delaware Bay is east of Delaware, separating the state from New Jersey.

What are the 5 largest cities and their population of Delaware?

Wilmington, Delaware (70,851)Dover, Delaware (36,047)Newark, Delaware (31,454)Middletown, Delaware (18,871)Smyrna, Delaware (10,023)

What are Delaware state bank levy laws?

Delaware state law allows creditors to place a levy on a debtor's bank account to collect on a judgment debt. The debtor's bank must freeze the account for a specified period, allowing the creditor to withdraw funds to satisfy the debt. Exemptions exist to protect certain funds from being seized, such as Social Security payments and child support.

Is there a Delaware river in Delaware?

There is a Delaware river that goes through Delaware. There is a bay near called the Chesapeake bay! It's between Maryland and Delaware!