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Oil is important to Venezuela, because it is most of Venezuela's economy.

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Q: Why does Venezuela have so much oil?
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What are causes of oil pollution in Venezuela?

Causes of oil pollution in Venezuela are oil spills and they are a major producer of oil so that causes a lot of oil pollution

How much fuel is produced in Venezuela?

Venezuela is having problems with oil production in 2017.

Why is Venezuela so poor if they have so much oil?

Like most countries, wealth is not distributed evenly. There have been a lot of social and political problems in Venezuela, including corruption, but that has improved.

How much oil Venezuela produces?

Venezuela is one of the largest producers and exporters of oil and ranked as the 3rd in the year 2013. They produce about 2.5 million barrels of oil per day.

Are much of South America's oil found in Venezuela?

because of reasons

What are the exports of Venezuela?

America gets a greater percentage of oil from Venezuela than from the Middle East, and Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the Western hemisphere--maybe the only oil in the WH; Texas was pretty much pumped dry by the mid 1970s. Venezuela also exports petroleum, petroleum products, and aluminum

Is Venezuela an oil producing country?

Yes. Venezuela is an oil producing country. In fact, oil related pollution is an environmental concern in Venezuela.

What are the causes of oil pollution in Venezuela?

Oil pollution in Venezuela can be caused by oil spills from oil rigs, tankers, or pipelines. The lack of proper maintenance and infrastructure, as well as inadequate regulations and enforcement, can also contribute to oil pollution in the country. In addition, political instability and economic issues in Venezuela may hamper efforts to prevent and address oil pollution effectively.

What are the two major exports of Venezuela?

Venezuela's main exports are oil and petroleum. 80% is oil.

What country is wealthier Venezuela or Argentina?

Venezuela has oil wealth.

How does Venezuela get their wealth?

Venezuela is a sovereign country in South America. It is one of the most urbanized countries in the region and worlds largest exporter of oil ahead of Saudi Arabia. Much of its revenue is generated by oil exports.

What do Mexico and Venezuela?

Oil is the answer.