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No but a post master can

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Q: A postman can countersign your passport?
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Can a postman countersign my passport application photo?

No, a postman is not able to countersign a passport application photo. However, there are several other people that would be able to including an accountant, an airline pilot, a journalist, and many others.

Can a qualified hairdresser countersign a passport?

Yes a hairdresser can countersign a passport. They have to be a professional working hairdresser.

Can a taxi driver countersign a passport?

No. Usually a professional with appropriate government issued license is one that can countersign a passport.

Your son is a teacher can he countersign your passport?


Which profession can countersign a passport?

There are several people who are allowed to countersign a passport photo. These people include clergy, lawyers and civil servants.

Can your brother-in-law countersign your application for a renewable passport he is a company director?

can my brother in law countersign my application for a renewable passport he is a company director

Can a teaching assistant sign a passport?

Can teaching assistants countersign a passport

Can all qualified health professionals countersign a UK passport application?

i think any professional working person is able to countersign.

Can you get a law student to sign a countersign UK passport?

No. For it to be a valid countersign, it needs to be from a Professional. (Any teacher/tutor who has known you for a long time)

Do you have to have a passport to countersign another passport?

Usually Yes, when you are the one to receive it. This is to ensure that you have correct proof of your identity and citizenship.

Can someone who is retired countersign a passport application?

When a passport application is filled out there is no countersigned needed by the government. You fill the form out, get a passport photo, and pay the filing fee.

Can a midwife countersign a UK passport?

No, it has to be a doctor, not a midwife. However, there have been changes and now a member of most professions including midwifery may sign if they are a UK passport holder themselves.