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Q: Are Cabinet members are career employees of government?
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Who elects the cabinet?

The U.S. President's Cabinet has no elected positions, so no one elects them. The President appoints them based on his own reasons regarding their areas of expertise or career/personal history. The Cabinet is truly the President's "team." Their chief duty is to advise the President, however they have many other duties as well.

What is the primary reason why long-time government employees have an advantage over the President in the policymaking process?

They have a career job but the President has a limited term of office.

What is the primary reason long-time government employees have an advantage over the president in the policymaking process?

They have a career job but the President has a limited term of office.

Where can one find Cabinet Jobs online?

Several websites online show listings for cabinet jobs including Career Builder, Indeed, Monster, and Simply Hired. Many of the postings are for either cabinet installers or cabinet finishers.

What are the benefits of career planning for employees and organizations?

The benefits of career planning for employees and organizations include ensuring that staff are well equipped with up-to-date skills to handle the dynamic nature of the organization, and ensuring career growth.

Are the ministers in a parliamentary government comparable to the secretaries of a president's cabinet?

There is a huge difference in the significance of cabinet members regarding the parliamentary versus a presidential government. The USA's cabinet is institutionalized by useage, it has no real authority. It is useful only for press coverage- to depict an open administration; especially post Watergate. Secretaries have other loyalties than the president, they run an entire federal department with a large budget and employee base. As they are not necessarily party members they do not have a duty to represent the party the president is in charge of. In comparison, ministers have been appointed by the Prime Minister to help the party's policy and can be held accountable for actions, and can impact negatively on their political career as a high tier party member. However- they are both used as a tool for debate and engendering team spirit amongst the top rungs of an executive party.

What has the author Todd Murphy written?

Todd Murphy has written: 'Predicting career progression amongst high potential employees: Job performance, career clarity, & developmental implications' -- subject(s): Forecasting, Career development, Employees, Rating of

What kind of discounts do Walgreens employees get on hotels?

There is nothing on Walgreen's career page that includes discounts on hotels for employees.

How many people are employed by the post office?

After WalMart , the Postal Service is the nation's largest civilian employer. In 2001, the Postal Service had 775,903 career employees and 115,102 non-career employees for a total of 891,005 people.

What are four specific steps employees can take to support diverse employees' career progress?

Employees can support diverse employees' career progress by eliminating institutional barriers, improving networking and mentoring, abolishing the glass ceiling, and adopting flexible career tracks.Human Resource Management, Twelfth Edition by Gary Dessler. Chapter 10: Coaching, Careers, and Talent Management. Managing the New Workforce, Different Career Development Needs, pg. 354-355.

What is the purpose of career management or planning How are career plans developed What are the benefits of career planning for employees and organsations?

The purpose of career management is to guide on the right and informed choices of careers.

How are Executive branch members are elected?

every four years. The president and vice-president are the only elected members of the executive branch the serve four-year terms.The cabinet secretaries are appointed by the President, so a new President replaces most of them. The lesser workers are under civil service and are career workers.