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Your answer depends on the contents of your governing documents and the state law that governs not only the association, but the form of the corporation that your association fits within, such as the non-profit corporate law.

Generally, the president doesn't vote unless it is to break a tie. However, different associations and different state laws may not agree on this point. Unless specifically forbidden, a president may be able to make a motion, although best practices of good leadership indicate that motions be made by other board members.

Also, generally, board meetings are conducted following Roberts Rules of Order. You can find a quick reference to motions, below.

Finally, motions exhibit decisions for actions. Motions require a percentage of votes, either of the ownership or of the board, regardless of who makes them, or how the president votes.

If you believe that your president has abused her/his power by making a motion and voting on the motion in such a way so as to have violated your governing documents or state law(s), you can formally protest the motion and require further discussion on it. You can also request that the protest be noted in the minutes.

You may fail in your protest, but your protest can be noted in the minutes. Since the minutes are historical documents of the business of the corporation, they become legal evidence.

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Q: At a HOA meeting can a non board member make a motion?
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Can the member of an executive board make a motion?

Yes, a member of an executive board can make a motion during a meeting. An executive board typically follows parliamentary procedure, which allows any member to propose a motion for discussion and voting. It is a way for members to introduce ideas, suggest actions, or make decisions within the organization.

Who makes a motion at a meeting?

Any member recognized by the facilitator may make a motion. Following a second, the group discusses the motion. When discussion ends, the motion is voted on.

Can anyone make a motion according to Roberts rules?

Yes, any member of a group that is following Robert's Rules of Order can make a motion during a meeting. The motion should be stated clearly and then be seconded by another member before it can be discussed and voted on by the group.

Can the chair make a motion in a meeting?

Yes, the chair can make a motion in a meeting. As the individual responsible for facilitating the meeting and maintaining order, the chair can contribute to the discussion by proposing motions for the group to consider and vote on.

What do you say to motion at a meeting?

First you need to have standing (permission) to rise and speak, let alone make a motion at a meeting. For example, at a public meeting of a planning commission, only the commissioners can make a motion, although the chairperson of the meeting may (at his or her discretion) recognize a member of the public provide input on an issue prior to taking a vote. A recognized member (or alternate voting delegate) may make a motion, at the proper time, by simply saying, "I would like to make the following motion", and then continuing with his or her idea. Many times it is less formal, such as "I move that we accept the minutes as read", or "I make a motion that we suspend the rules and waive the reading of the treasurer's report." The chairperson may immediately rule you "out of order" for a number of reasons, and ask you to sit down and be quiet. At the proper time, you may again attempt to make a motion. After that, there is typically a "second" to the motion, or (if no second) a very uncomfortable pause while the motion fails to even elicit support of one other member (it is very embarrassing when this happens, and sometimes results in immediate resignation by the member whose motion was not seconded). Once the motion has been seconded, the chairperson can ask for any discussion, which may include a motion to amend the primary motion, or a motion to withdraw (or suspend action upon) the primary motion, among other things. Eventually, any motion not tabled or withdrawn must be voted upon, or the meeting suspended (adjourned) until further information can be obtained by those who wish to continue discussing it before voting...

How do you make a motion and how to amend a motion?

To make a motion, simply state your proposal clearly during a meeting. To amend a motion, another member would need to propose a change to the original motion, followed by a seconding of the amendment by someone else. The group would then discuss and vote on the amendment before returning to the main motion.

Definition meaning of motion of meeting?

To make a motion at a meeting is to make a verbal proposal. Motions can be made for any reason, including suggesting a new idea for the group or even something as simple as drawing the meeting to a close.

How to make a motion to approve the meeting minutes?

is this website stupid or is it just me

What percentage make up a quorum for a board meeting?

sixty percent

Can a quorum of the condo board have a budget committee meeting and not make it a regular posted board meeting?

Committee meetings and board meetings serve two different, though related purposes. The short answer is 'yes', a committee meeting is not a regular posted board meeting. Committee meetings are working meetings where there is no vote, only a discussion of options, presentation of research results. Usually one board member leads a committee and the remaining participants can be owners/ non-board members. Committees present their conclusions and recommendations to the board at board meetings. No minutes are required. Board meetings, unless they are executive or confidential meetings, are generally open for attendance by all members. Your governing documents specify the attendance, notification, agenda and minutes process for open board meetings.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting?

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting(Download)Pursuant to regular notice, dated ___________, a meeting of the Board of Directors meeting of ________________________ was held at ____________________, ___________, ________ on ____________ at ________.A quorum of directors attended, as shown by the attached roster. Proxies (if any) were examined and admitted as shown by the attached roster. The meeting was called to order by the meetings chairman, _____________________.The following motion was made by _____________ and seconded by _______________._________________________________________________________________After discussion, a vote was taken, and the motion was passed.There being no further business to come before the meeting, the same was adjourned.Dated: _____________________________________________________________________________________________Secretary______________________________________________________Attest: PresidentMinutes of Board of Directors MeetingReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This corporate formality should be kept up with and the results filed in the corporate minute book.1. Make multiple copies. Send one to each director as well as filing it in the companys records.

What is the difference in Liability for an advisory board member vs a statutory board member?

Advisory board members do not usually have authority to make decisions or governing responsibilities and, as such, should have no liability. "Statutory members" is not a phrase with which I am familiar but if it refers to governing board members, they do have authority to make decisions and can be held liable.