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Q: Can congress enact a national divorce statute?
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Does a judge follow a precedent or a statute law first?

Trial courts are required to follow the law as it is. In the US, the law is "ranked" as follows: Constitution Statute Case law Regulations Additionally, federal law "trumps" state law. So, if a court is faced with a statute and a case that are in conflict, the court must follow the statute. This is one of the ways that congress "checks" courts. If the courts make a ruling on an issue, but congress does not like the precedent, congress can enact a statute that changes the law.

When was the law Citizens United enacted?

Citizens United didn’t enact a law. Only congress can enact a law.

What is the possessive form of Congress?

The possessive form for the noun congress is congress's.Example: A congress's job is to enact laws for a country.

Can congress enact legislation mandating that the states regulates a subject?


What year did Congress enact the Native Races Act?


What amendment gave congress the authority to enact an income tax?


What gives the federal government the power to enact statutory criminal laws?

The United States constitution gives Congress the power to enact criminal laws.

Three examples of laws that congress can enact under the constitution?

Civil Rights Law, Income tax law and minimum wages law are examples of the laws enacted under constitution. Congress holds the right to enact these laws.

Which President urged Congress to enact the Fair Housing Act?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Senator Huey Long's popularity probably encouraged Congress to enact?

The wealth tax

When was the amendment that gave congress authority to enact an income tax ratified?

The amendment that gave Congress authority to enact an income tax was ratified on February 3, 1913. This amendment, known as the 16th Amendment, allows Congress to levy and collect taxes on income without apportionment among the states.

Rachel carsons book silent spring led congress to enact restrictions on what source of pollution?