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No, you may not.

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Q: Can you send lyrics during basic training?
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Can a marine in basic training send money home to his spouse?

A marine in basic training can send money home to his spouse. When you get paid, it is your money and you can do what you want with it.

How does the army decide where you go for basic training?

For your training they will send you based on what you decide you want to do. If you ask your recruiter he/she should be able to tell you where you go for your basic training. good luck!

Can you send razors to basic training?

No. It is considered a weapon until you are trusted by authorities.

When do you go to to basic combat training after enlisting in the National Guard?

It depends on your MOS. They like to send you to the closest basic training base to your AIT training base because it's cheaper that way.

How much does it cost to send one troop through air force basic training?

Bout 6 grand

When is the next Basic Training Graduation?

There'll probably be one this week. In Army BCT, they send a company at a time downrange from the Adjutant General battalion for Basic Training (or One Station Unit Training). So basic trainees don't all graduate at once - they graduate in increments, depending on when their unit started BCT.

Can you send priority mail to someone in air force basic training?

As long as there is no boxes, food........ It has to be just letters and pics.

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Is there a hairspray that is non flammable?

I need a non flammable pump hairspray to send to my wife while she is in basic training in a small travel size

What does it mean if someone wants you to play their lyrics and asks you to send your file?

Maybe they want you to play their lyrics, like sing it or whatever, and then put it on file and send it to them? something like that, I think.

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Even I am looking for it. I have the song, will send it to you if you want. You can listen to it repeatedly and explaing me the lyrics :)

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You can send the presentation in basic HTML version too. You have to send it as an attachment. Find it in your directory and attach it.