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Yes; James was fighting for and winning the battle to get a strong government!

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Q: Did James Madison oppose a strong government?
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Which delegate for Virginia had a plan for a strong central government?

James Madison

Which delegate from Virginia had a plan for a strong central government?

James Madison

As a strong Republican James Madison believed in what type of national government?

James Madison believed in a strong central government. One of the branches of this government was the legislative branch, which he believed should be set up by the Virginia Plan that he drafted for the constitutional convention.

Why did Madison oppose Hamilton's Assumption plan?

because james madison was a douch

What might Madison have meant by interpose as the desired action by the states?

By interposition, James Madison was referring to the right of states to oppose policies of the federal government that it believes to be unconstitutional. Madison served as the 4th US President.

Why did Madison oppose ratification of constitution?

James Madison did not oppose the ratification of the constitution. In fact he encouraged it by helping to write the Federalist papers with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

Who was James Madison and what was his impact on American government?

James Madison was the 4th president.

What is the end or supreme goal of government according to Madison?

James Madison states in the Federalist 51 that "justice is the end of government"

What frame work of government designed by James Madison?

James Madison Hekped write the U.S. Constitution

What form of government is Madison discussing?

James Madison was a Federalist and preferred strong central government, based off of a republic. This meant less state control and more power for the federal government. Federalists were PRO the new Constitution, which is still our current Constitution.

Why did Thomas Jefferson and James Madison oppose many of Alexander Hamilton's plans for the new nation?

It would give the government to much power and the constitution did not specifically say congress has the power to create

What was James Madison idea for best type of government?

well, James Madison was a republican who wanted the government to be run by the middle class citizens of the U.S.