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No, Naruto does not die. If you dont want the season to be spoiled dont read on:

Naruto dies in the last episode along with sasuke. Naruto kills sasuke and while he is dragging his body to the simitary naruto falls down dead.

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naruto died in last shinobi war because the ninetails was removed but Minato saved him Sasuke Madara killed But Kabuto saved him now if they actually die In Boruto i cant say

not over yet

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Q: Did Naruto die when he tired to stop the demon?
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Why Naruto will never die?

he has a demon fox inside of his that whats to live he will die from overusing demon fox chakra.

What is her mom and dad's name?

naruto's dad is the 4th hokage and his mom die in the war of the nine tail demon fox in the 5th movie of naruto kakaze say it to naruto!!!!! naruto's dad is the 4th hokage and his mom die in the war of the nine tail demon fox in the 5th movie of naruto kakaze say it to naruto!!!!!

Will the demon fox came out from the body of naruto?

This has not yet happened in the manga or anime, so it is unknown. However, if it did then it would be the end of the show, because Naruto will die if the demon is releaced and Naruto is the main character.

Will the akatski get naruto's demon?

Probably not because Naruto is the main character of the series. Also, the leader of the Akatsuki (Pein a.k.a. Nagato) is dead and the rest of the members that did not die left.

What is the plot of Naruto Shippuden the movie?

A demon that almost destroyed the world was sealed away. Now it is returning to wreak havoc and only a girl ,who has the ability to seal demons and see how and when someone will die, can stop it. It is Naruto's job to protect her, but she sees that if he stays with her, he will die! Naruto decides to stay anyway. yeah sakura does kiss naruto in the jap version not English dubbed the jap version and at the end the girl that seals away demons askes naruto to hold her baby's a.k.a. be their father

Does Naruto die in the main storyline?

There is a second series called "Naruto Shippuden," which is set 2-3 years in the future, (Translated that means "Naruto Hurricane Chronicles.") therefore I would assume he is still alive then. *Spoiler after this point* No, Naruto does not die in either Naruto, or Naruto Shippuden, so far. It is assumed that he will battle the Kyubbi Fox Demon eventually, and will likely die in that battle. But that could be years away both for us, and for him.

How do you get 4 stage demon Naruto on Naruto shippuden?

narutos hp has to be like really low like hes about to die then you use your ultimate jutsu and he transforms to the nine tailed fox form

Will saskue ever die?

it depends he could die but masashi kishimoto could stop writing the books and stop naruto in it's tracks but probablly no

Does Naruto die in a movie?

In the beginning of Naruto: Shippuuden, the Movie, Naruto is killed by the demon Moryo; however, it is a segment of a possible future that is seen by the priestess Shion in a vision. When the movie reaches the point where Naruto would supposedly die, Shion protects naruto by giving him her sacred bell that was a symbol of her mothers protection of her; she protects Naruto with it. The reason Naruto was killed off at the beginning of the movie was because Masashi Kishimoto asked the creators of the shippuden movie to do something that would "surprise the fans." ^^ hope this helps! ^^

What does it mean when someone is possesed by a demon?

to be possesed by a demon means a evil spirit ( so called demon ) finds a way to get inside your body and takes over and makes you do things you do not want to do and you cant make them stop if you were possesed by a demon you would probly die of malnutrition of dehydration.

How did Naruto mom and dad die?

His mom died because she was kidnapped by Tobi (who had threatened to kill naruto first) and had the kyuubi inside of her (the nine tails) taken out of her. But because she inherited the longevity life of her clan she was able to survive for a few moments after the nine tails was extracted from her(most jinchuriki just die instantly after having their kyuubi extracted from them). Naruto's dad died because he used the dead demon seal to seal the nine tails in naruto and the user who casts the jutsu dies afterwards.

Did tayuya die after the end of Naruto?

Yes.kimimaru die after the end of naruto.