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Q: How did President Eisenhower want to change the federal government?
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What president ordered the last change on the US Flag?

The last change in the flag occurred while Eisenhower was President , when Hawaii and Alaska became states . I don't think Eisenhower ordered the change, but he approved it .

How did President Eisenhower change defense spending?

He stayed within the budget.

Was there a change in government at the last federal election?

No, there was no change in government at the last federal election. The incumbent government remained in power after the election.

What Three steps Nixon took to change the size and power of the federal government?

Nixon was elected president and he had to follow the boundaries within the constitution. He did not have a coup to become president as your question assumes.

In 1954 This US President changed the name of the holiday November 11 to veterans day?

President Eisenhower signed the law that changed the name. I am not sure that he was the motivating force behind the name change.

How did the role of the federal government change under President Theodore Roosevelt in regard to trust?

He didn't like them, and if a corporate entity had a virtual monopoly and were jacking up rates just because they could, and thus treating people badly, he felt that it was his mission to stop them.

What was the group that wanted the federal government to force change in the south?

Radical Republicans wanted the Federal Governenment To force change in the South

How did President Richard Nixon's plan for a new federalism change the traditional perception of government?

President Richard Nixon's plan for a new federalism aimed to shift power and responsibilities from the federal government to the states. It sought to decentralize authority and promote greater local control over policies and programs. This plan challenged the traditional perception of a strong, centralized federal government and sought to give states more autonomy in decision-making and implementation.

Did state government change the method of electing the President and the starting date for Congress and the President?

Structure of the Federal GovernmentThe 12th amendmentmade an important change in the way the president and vice-president were elected. The 20th amendment moved up the starting date for a new Administration and a new Congress.

How did the balance of power between the federal government and state government's change from the articles to the constitution?

In the Confederation, states retained power of the nation, so sovereignty remained only in the states. In the Constitution, the Representatives, President, and people had more power.

Should the federal government change the status of the gray wolf?


What year did the fiscal year for federal government change to October?