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The spelling "chicas" is the Spanish plural noun meaning "girls."

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Q: How do you spell chicas?
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How do you spell boys and girls in Spanish?

boys = chicos, niños, muchachos. girls = chicas, niñas, muchachas.

How do you spell in Spanish all the girls study in the library?

Todas las chicas estudian en la biblioteca.

What does te tirarse a chicas mean?

tirarse a chicas -or- tirarte a chicas = throw yourself at girls.

Where can someone watch videos of Chicas Calatas?

Videos of Chicas Calatas can be be viewed on YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, VideoSexArchive, Cholotube, and Chicas-Video. The translation of Chicas Calatas is Galatians girls.

When was Tres Chicas created?

Tres Chicas was created in 1999.

What is the duration of The Chicas Project?

The duration of The Chicas Project is 3600.0 seconds.

What does gordas chicas mean?

gordas chicas means fat girls

What does chicas mean in Spanish?

"Chicas" means "girls".

When was The Chicas Project created?

The Chicas Project was created on 2007-01-27.

When did The Chicas Project end?

The Chicas Project ended on 2009-07-16.

What is spanish for you love your girls?

In Spanish, "you love your girls" is translated as "amar a tus chicas" or "quieres a tus chicas."

When was Chicas Al Poder created?

Chicas Al Poder was created on 2002-11-25.