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Q: How does Abigail Adams describe the city of Washington and its surroundings?
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What is one word to describe Abigail Adams?


What are 6 words to describe Abigail Adams?


What scared Abigail Adams the most?

Martha Washington's Horse

What are some phrases that describe Abigail Adams?

A great woman

Who were Thomas Jefferson friends?

Madison and John Adams, sam adams George Washington cornwallis, abigail adams andrew burtein Benjamin Franklin

Who were Abigail Adams friend?

Abigail Adams wrote long letters to her friends Mercy Warren Otis and Marta Washington. She would write about women's rights.

How many grandchildren did Abigail Adams have?

She had three children named George Washington Adams, John Adams and M. Catherine Hellen.

What was Abigail Adams grandmother name?

Abigail Adams Mother is Elizabeth Quincy Smith

What president and his wife were the first to live in the white house in Washington DC?

President John Adams and his wife, Abigail Adams.

Abigail Adams Maden Name?

Before Abigail Adams was married to John Adams her name was Abigail Smith Adams.

Who are the important people that Abigail Adams met?

She met George Washington and MILEY CYRUS

Is Abigail Adams single?

No, Abigail Adams is not single.