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One can pronounce the word 'incipient' by sounding out the word in common English, or by reading is as in-seip-i-ent. However, depending on what part of the world you are from, it can sound differently.

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The word 'incipient' is pronounced in-SIP-ee-uhnt, with the stress on the second syllable.

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Q: How does one pronounce the word 'incipient'?
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What is the root word for incipient?

The root word for "incipient" is "incipio," which is a Latin word meaning "to begin."

How can you use the word incipient in a sentence?

Dad nurtured Amy's incipient interest in tennis by enrolling her in a class beginners.

What is an example sentence using the word incipient?

Lauren sat in front of the piano then played the incipient note of the musical piece.

Define the word incipient?

(adj.) - just beginning to exist or appearBeginning to exist or appear; in an initial stage: an incipient cold.This is from

How does one pronounce the word 'weigh'?

Weigh is pronounced the same way one would pronounce the word way. One does not pronounce the g or h. The word means to find the mass or weight of something.

What is incipient motion?

Incipient Motion is motion that is about to occur.

Incipient in a sentence?

The doctor diagnosed her case as incipient cancer.

What is one word of pronounce right is wrong if pronounce wrong is right?


How do you use incipient in a sentence?

An incipient population is still small but beginning to reproduce and become established. or His incipient behavior is a sign of things to come.

How does one pronounce the word Tanngnjóstr?

You can listen to an native Icelander pronounce the word ''tanngjóstur''(modern spelling of ''tanngjóstr'') in the related link.

How do you pronounce the french word chauve?

Sh-o-ve But pronounce it as if it was all one syllable.

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There is one syllable in the word "where." (You pronounce it the same as the word "wear.")