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there are no counties in Washington DC because Washington DC is a city itself.

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Q: How many counties are in Washington DC?
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What is the county for Washington D.C?

Washington DC is in a federal district, the District of Columbia, it does not have any counties.

How many counties does Washington have?

there are 39 counties in Washington state

How many counties are in Washington?

63 counties total are in Washington state.

How many counties are there in state of Washington?

There are 39 counties in Washington state.

What is the time difference between Washington D.C. and Michigan?

Washington DC is one hour ahead of the four counties of Upper Michigan that share a land border with Wisconsin. There is no time difference between the rest of Michigan and Washington DC.

How many counties are there in Washington?


What county is the richest county in the US?

The answer is 1. Loudon County , in Northern Virginia then Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia.... The Washington DC area Holds the Wealthiest People in the Entire nation, and In fact 5 out of the 10 richest counties are outside Washington DC...... Loudon , Fairfax, Montgomery, Prince William, and Prince Georges counties

How many counties in the state of Washington?

There are no countries in the state of Washington.

How many counties does Rhode Island have?

Rhode Island has 5 counties: Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence, and Washington.

How many miles between Washington dc and Chicago?

air miles from Chicago Washington DC

When is Washington DC carnival?

There are many local carnivals in Washington DC through out the year although it is generally frowned upon for someone who doesn't live in DC to attend.

How many counties are in the state of Washington and what are the county seats?

A lot